It’s All About Me

In life it’s important that you take risks. By this I don’t mean the type that involve that mouldy block of cheese from the back of your fridge. I’m referring to those that make you want to chunder when you think of their consequences.

Much to my parents despair I’m forever taking HUGE life risks.

cropped-stacey-fordham.jpgYou know, like booking a one way ticket to Australia with less than £700 in my bank account.*Which in my defence resulted in me writing for Cosmo for three years. To my most recent, leaving the security of my full time job as Head of Social at S3 Advertising, for the world of cold calling, solo proposals and pitches.

I promise the latter isn’t because I saw Beyonce last year and it totally affected my life.


Since leaving S3 I have launched my very own business – That Social Company and have limited listening to Beyonce to just three times a day!

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